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Development and Testing of Materials and Seals


Systems are becoming increasingly more complex with harsher operational parameters (higher and lower temperature extremes, higher pressures, etc.) and at the same time demands on reliability and performance are also increasing.  You need sealing systems that can handle these increased demands.   

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. knows this and that is why our objectives are:

  • Developing new and improved seal materials
  • Improving seal performance and life
  • Driving towards ZERO LEAK Technology


We are committed to preparing for the future now by anticipating your future needs and developing the engineered sealing solutions for them.  This way we can continue to provide you with tested sealing solutions when you need them.

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. was established by Bill Shamban from his core Research and Development (R & D) Organization at W.S. Shamban and Company before he sold the company.  Our roots are in R & D and we continue Bill’s philosophy of developing the best materials and providing the most technologically advanced seals for critical and demanding applications.


Material Development

PolyMod® Technologies has a Material Laboratory facility with state-of-the-art equipment used in developing and testing material formulations.  We also have a large database of material formulations which includes compounds with known high performance under demanding operational parameters such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive media.  We continue to work on and improve existing formulations until we are satisfied they produce the best materials possible.

In addition to our proprietary materials, we also develop custom compounds for customers’ unique applications.


Seal Performance and Life

PolyMod® Technologies has innovative high performance engineered seals.  Our range of products is suitable for a variety of high performance applications. We integrate advances in material and seal technologies and persist in creating innovative sealing solutions able to meet developing requirements.

When requirements cannot be satisfied with existing engineered sealing solutions, we will work with you to produced custom seals to meet you specific requirements. We can also help with short and long term testing before seals move from prototypes to production.

We have a seal test rig which is used for dynamic cycling tests.  More information about this can be found on the Seal Testing page (link).


Zero Leak Technology
Zero Leak Technology is achievable.  It does require more than just the correct high quality materials and seal design for an application.  Optimal seal fit, precision components, and good quality mating surface finishes are also required in order to achieve Zero Leak.  While this may all sound simple, in reality it can be quite difficult to achieve due to your system design and possible budgetary constraints. PolyMod® Technologies strives to find innovative sealing solutions that minimize the effects these constraints may have on reaching Zero Leak.  We will work with you to try to a find a solution that fits within your constraints to help you achieve Zero Leak.



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