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Medical, Water and Food Applications


Precision and critical applications where reliability is crucial and seal performance can be a matter of life or death, you need to have quality seal materials on which you can dependable.

From O-rings to custom molded seals, PolyMod® Technologies Inc. offers you a wide variety of quality elastomer materials, from standard to extreme performance PolyMod® and UltraMod™, from which to choose.  We have high performance materials you can rely on to work in your critical application.

Below are a few of PolyMod® Technologies’ popular U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR 21.177 compounds medical, food, and and potable water applications.  We have several more compounds available for food service and to meet FDA CFR 21.177, U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI, and NSF International requirements.  Please consult with our Technical Service Team for materials that meet your particular requirements.


Ethylene Propylene (EP, EPDM, EPR, EPM) - storage life is unlimited per ANSI (NFPA) T3.1925R1-2001


E4 and E4P*
FDA grade, Sulfur cured, 70 durometer

E5 and E5P*
FDA grade, Peroxide cured, 70 durometer

E6 and E6P*
FDA grade and NSF, 70 durometer


* “P” following the elastomer designation denotes the PolyMod® low friction version, e.g. N3P.



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