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The performance and reliability of demanding and critical applications commonly depend on the sealing system.  Something as simple as an O-ring can change a high performance application in to a non-performance one.
Even though the choice of the correct seal geometry and fit are important to seal performance, a seal is only as good as the material from which it is made.  That is why PolyMod® Technologies Inc. integrates material and seal technologies to provide you with the best engineered seal solution possible.

PolyMod® and UltraMod™ high performance elastomer materials are only available from PolyMod® Technologies Inc.  These materials offer you great versatility and the latitude to optimize performance often with no other engineering changes required.  The lower friction and longer life of PolyMod® and UltraMod™ materials can help you meet your goals of improving system performance and minimizing system down time.  In high performance and demanding pneumatic and hydraulic applications, rotary or linear, PolyMod® and UltraMod™ high performance elastomer materials can offer you a competitive advantage

If your application requires something more than an elastomer seal, our performance rated PolyFluor™ PTFE, and PolyTel™ engineered plastic compounds make it possible to optimize a unique engineered solution for your sealing problems.  Whether your application is fluid power, medical, scientific or analytical instrumentation, chemical or food processing – there is a PolyFluor™ or PolyTel material and seal design to meet your needs.

Our ongoing polymer research effort has resulted in a variety of high performance elastomer, PolyFluor™ (PTFE), and PolyTel™ compounds.  These materials are designed for optimum performance and life.  An effective seal is an integration of material and design. State of the Art materials coupled with proven designs provide the correct engineered solution for your sealing application.

High Performance Elastomer Materials for:

Performance rated PolyFluorPTFE Materials

PolyTelEngineered Plastics

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