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PolyMod® Technologies knows it is difficult to keep up on the latest innovations and specifications for all components of your system.  It seems like things are always in flux, and you can find yourself quickly left behind.  That is why PolyMod Technologies is keenly aware of current industry needs and future developments. Our goal is to provide the best mix of materials and designs to solve your sealing problems.

PolyMod staff personnel serve on Standard Committees involved in setting specification requirements and product development. We are involved in ISO, SAE, and NFPA Committees.  Understanding current and future industry needs as they evolve allows our technical personnel to assess material and seal design needs and to develop the right materials and designs for the application. We are current with the latest and greatest in the world of seals and materials so you do not have to be - giving you more time to focus on your business. New seal materials, improved seal performance and life as well as a drive to ZERO LEAK Technology are objectives of PolyMod Technologies.

We know it is almost impossible to be an expert in every component and aspect of the industry.  PolyMod Technologies is ready and able to help you.  Our technical personnel are seal experts and are able to focus on seal and material technologies.  We have over 50 years of experience in the seal industry and have become experts in problem solving.  Our involvement in demanding and critical applications in several different industries adds to our diverse experience benefiting you.  We can draw on experience from solving seal problems in a cross section of the industry.  Knowledge gained in high pressure off-road hydraulic systems can provide innovative solutions to hydraulic systems in a commercial aircraft.

We can help you identify the cause of your seal system problems and provide the engineered solution.  If you have a new project or are making product improvements and need a sealing expert to help you pick the best seal for the application PolyMod can help.  Even if you just need someone to verify that your seal fits well in the hardware and is the correct material- we are willing to help you.  Our technical personnel work in concert with our customers from the conceptual stage through the qualification process right into production. The “TEAM Concept” are not just words but are reality at PolyMod Technologies Inc.  We get the problem solved because we are involved with our customers in an effort to supply them the best engineered sealing solutions for their demanding applications.

Concerned that something will get “lost in the translation” from Engineering or your technical personnel to Procurement?  If our technical personnel were involved in your project there is no need to worry.  Our technical personnel work closely with our Customer Service personnel on Customer Focus Teams to help make the transition from Engineering to Procurement flow smoothly.  Everyone on your PolyMod® TEAM strives to provide excellent service and support to make your job easier.

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