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Customers should not accept anything less than quality seals for their high performance, critical, and demanding applications.  That is why PolyMod® Technologies Inc.’s trained manufacturing personnel strive to produce the highest quality seals possible.


In order to produce high quality, precision elastomer parts we primarily use compression and transfer mold techniques and limit the number of mold cavities.  This allows us to maintain tight tolerances and optimizes the seal properties.


PolyFluor™ and PolyTel™ parts are precision machined to tight tolerances on our CNC centers. Most parts are manufactured to order.

Programming CNC                                                    CNC_2


Our Production Department works closely with our Research & Development and Quality Departments to ensure that the best materials compounds are used and manufacturing processes produce high quality parts.  Production is supported by our in-house Materials Laboratory with its state of the art laboratory instrumentation to verify material integrity and seal quality.

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. can provide you with a single-source for seals and sealing systems comprised of elastomer (PolyMod®, UltraMod™, and standard), PTFE (PolyFluor™), and engineered plastic (PolyTel™) materials.  We can provide short lead times on most engineered parts.  Having the ability to make most of our prototype molds in-house translates into fast turnaround for your prototypes.



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