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FAQ - Materials

Can PolyMod® Technologies Inc. only provide the materials listed on this website?
We can provide seals out several more elastomer, PTFE, and engineered plastic compound than those listed on our site.  The ones listed are those more commonly requested / used.  We can even provide custom compounds for special applications.  Please contact our Technical Service Team for more information.


Does PolyMod® Technologies Inc. certify materials meet material specifications , in particulat SAE / MIL material  specifications?
We have materials that meet current SAE / MIL specifications. We ensure all materials we provide meet the specifications required by our customers. Certificates of conformance are provided with each shipment. 


Does PolyMod® Technologies Inc. sell materials, such as rods or tubes of PolyFluor™?
No, we only sell finished sealing products.  We do not sell materials in "raw" format.




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