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PolyMod® Technologies Inc. was established in 1992 by William S. Shamban. Bill Shamban was the founder of W. S. Shamban & Company. In 1992, Bill sold a portion of his business but retained a core group of his Research and Development Organization and established PolyMod® Technologies Inc. as a premier technology seals business.  When Bill retained his R&D Organization he also retained its technological innovations including ongoing improvements in seal designs and materials giving the newly established PolyMod® Technologies the next generation of seal technology and a jump start on seals for the new Millennium.

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. actually got its name from one of the new technological advances being developed by W.S. Shamban & Company’s R&D Organization at the time of the sale, a polymer modification process to reduce friction and wear for thermoset and thermoplastic materials (see PolyMod® Advantage). 

Today we supply quality and precision seals to the Aerospace, Industrial and Medical Markets.  From simple O-rings to highly engineered seals, like DeltaMods™ and FluoroFlex™ spring energized seals, our seals are used worldwide in the most demanding of applications.

Bill’s philosophy of developing the best materials and providing the most technologically advanced seals for Aerospace, Industrial and Medical Applications remains the guiding light for PolyMod® Technologies.  New seal materials, improved seal performance and life as well as a drive to ZERO LEAK Technology are objectives of PolyMod® Technologies. 



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