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Quality Management and Assurance

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. knows that quality is a requirement for any high performance or critical application.


Please rest assured that we do everything we can to ensure we provide you with services and products with inherent quality and integrity.  At PolyMod® Technologies, quality control does not begin at final inspection of the finished part. On the contrary, quality assurance is a continuous process that begins with the incoming raw materials that go into our products. It continues through the fabrication process, product testing, final inspection, packaging, and into shipping. When the product leaves PolyMod® Technologies you can be confident that this product meets all applicable specifications and your customer requirements. Continuous improvement assures customers that we are cognizant of providing them with the best product in a cost-effective manner.

Smart Scope for measuing seals

Production utilizes statistical and other controls for monitoring process parameters.  Our trained and experienced inspectors perform visual and dimensional inspections using the appropriate measuring equipment including a Smart Scope to ensure you get quality parts.  We also coordinated with our customers’ quality departments as needed to assure all inspection is done with the same expectations and using the same methods.


PolyMod® Technologies has an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev. D Registered Quality Management System (QMS) applicable to:
Design, Molding, Machining and Distribution of Low Friction Engineered Seals for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications.

Click here to view and print a copy of our current AS9100D certificate.

 Annual audits performed by our Registrar assure our personnel and customers that Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction are ongoing practices in all phases of our business. You are entitled to the exact quality level you desire and PolyMod® Technologies is committed to fulfilling this desire.



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AS9100D & ISO 9001:2015
Registered QMS

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