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System performance is only as good as its weakest component. If you have a high performance or critical application, shouldn’t you have a sealing system to match?  Why settle for conventional, low performance seals or materials when you can have an engineered sealing system with high performance seals and materials that help optimize your system’s performance?

From Aerospace and Medical to Industrial and Off-Road machinery, PolyMod® Technologies Inc. provides engineered sealing solutions for a wide variety of critical and demanding applications. Our specialty is working with our customers to provide engineered sealing solutions to solve critical challenges. 

Whether you need engineering support for initial designs or improved performance for existing systems, PolyMod® Technologies is here to help you; we want to work with you to achieve your goals.  We offer you comprehensive engineered sealing solutions which integrate materials and seal technologies for optimized performance for your specific industry and application. 

PolyMod® Technologies Inc. knows seals and can help you with all your sealing needs.  We are your one stop source for all your sealing needs.

  • From O-rings to highly engineered DeltaMod™ Assemblies and FluoroFlex™ spring energized PTFE seals – seals for the most critical and demanding applications
  • Wide range of PolyMod® and UltraMod™ polymers with extremely low friction and long life to optimize performance and reducing energy consumption
  • PolyFluor™ high performance PTFE materials for the most severe sealing applications
  • Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, and Food Grade materials and seals
  • Materials technology for unique specialty applications

Materials and Seal Technologies integrated in Engineered Sealing Solutions for Extreme Performance

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