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PolyMod® Advantage
Reduced Friction
Reduced Abrasive Wear = Improved Life
Improved Performance
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Having elastomer friction and wear problems?  

PolyMod® high performance materials could be the solution. 

Seal friction can negatively affect system performance, efficiency and life.  PolyMod® high performance thermoset and thermoplastic rubber materials are polymer modified to have very low coefficients of friction and optimized wear life giving them significant advantages over conventional elastomer seal materials.

The PolyMod® process does not adversely affect the engineered properties of the material or aging properties.  It can significantly enhance performance, efficiency, and longevity of the material in addition to reducing both static and dynamic coefficients of friction. And because the PolyMod® process can be performed on most thermoset and thermoplastic rubber materials, this gives you a wide variety of high performance material options for maximizing system performance. 

Seal performance is improved using PolyMod® seal materials. This has been demonstrated in both controlled tests and actual service applications (see Application Highlights).

PolyMod® materials have:

  • Reduced Friction
  • Reduced Abrasive Wear
  • Increased Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Lower Heat Buildup
  • Long Seal Life
  • Consistent Performance


Unlike other friction reduction methods, such as coatings, impregnations, and internal lubes, 


  • Is permanent
  • Lasts the Seal’s Lifetime
  • Does Not Add Impurities
    • Safe for Medical and Food Applications
    • No System Contamination
  • Does Not Adversely Modify Material Properties
    • Materials will still meet the same specifications (AS/MIL, NSF, UL, etc.)
  • Does Not Dimensionally Change a Seal
  • Can be performed on most thermoset and thermoplastic rubber materials





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