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PolyMod® Advantage - Reduced Abrasive Wear = Improved Life
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PolyMod® Advantage
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Reduced Abrasive Wear = Improved Life
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Even in hydraulic systems, seal materials wear and abrade. PolyMod® provides abrasion resistance and improves seal life.

PolyMod® high performance materials show significantly improvement in wear life over conventional elastomers.


Abrasive Wear

PolyMod® High Performance Material

Tabor abrasion graph

Evaluations using Taber Abrasion (ASTM D3389)
H-18 wheels at 1 kg loading
Values are the mean of three separate runs taken
The wear of the PolyMod materials is shown as a factor less than 1.0, indicating improved wear resistance when compared to the standard materials base-lined at 1.


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