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PolyMod® Advantage
Reduced Friction
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Improved Performance
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PolyMod® high performance materials because of their enhanced properties run cooler and are tougher than conventional elastomers, therefore, they do not suffer the accelerated degradation of conventional elastomers.

PolyMod® High Performance vs. Standard NBR O-Rings

Nitro Bar Rods

Seal life-nitrobar graph

The above figure illustrates the durability and enhanced performance of PolyMod® seals.  The results are from a pneumatic test at 100 psi internal pressure.  The rods were cycled with a 3” stroke at 1 Hz.  Rod temperatures were monitored during the test as was seal performance.  Seals were considered to have failed when internal pressure decreased to 95 psi.

The PolyMod® seals generated less frictional heat and were still functioning when the test was stopped!  During the test period, not only did the standard seals generate significantly more frictional heat, but several of them failed.  

The lower friction of the PolyMod® seals resulted in less heat generation which translated into longer life and improved energy efficiency.

PolyMod® High Performance vs. Standard NBR O-Rings

IHCP Superfinish Rods

Seal life IHCP graph

The above figure illustrates the excellent performance of PolyMod® seals against an IHCP (induction hardened chrome plated) rod with a superfine finish (0.075µm Ra).  The test conditions were identical to those listed for the previous figure.  Again, the lower heat generation of the PolyMod® seal was significant compared to the standard seal which failed early in the test program.  Even with superfine finishes, PolyMod® seals have longer performance life than standard seals.


PolyMod® High Performance Energizers vs. Standard NBR O-Rings

Magnaplate HMF Rods

Seal life PTFE caps magnaplate HMF graph

The above figure illustrates the advantage of using PolyMod® O-ring energizers for PTFE cap seals.  The test conditions were identical to those listed for the previous figures this time with the rod having a Magnaplate HNF finish.  The cap seal energized by a standard O-ring generated more frictional heat.  Wear also occurred at both the sealing surface and PTFE–energizer interface resulting in cap failure.  The cap energized by the PolyMod® O-ring was undamaged when the test was stopped and the PolyMod® O-ring exhibited no signs of wear.  The PolyMod® O-ring’s low friction and less abrasive nature prolonged the life of the PTFE cap seal.



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