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Long Life & Low Friction Materials to Give You a Competitive Edge
Elastomeric Solutions for Demanding Applications

PolyMod® and UltraMod™ high performance elastomer materials have been developed by PolyMod® Technologies to provide system designers versatility and latitude in incorporating high performance elastomers in your system.   PolyMod® and UltraMod™ materials are polymer modified to provide the lowest friction elastomer seals with inherently longer life.  Friction coefficients, approaching those of PTFE, result in lower heat buildup, less seal degradation, minimal to zero stick slip, and better system efficiencies- which can give you a competitive edge

PolyMod® and UltraMod™ Can Give You Performance Advantages:

  • Less Energy to Actuate
  • Less Hysteresis
  • Long Seal Life
  • Elimination of seal lubricants/grease
  • Assembly Ease
  • Less Downtime and Maintenance
  • Reduced Operational and Repair Costs
  • Overall Improved System Performance


PolyMod® and UltraMod™ high performance elastomer seals are ideal not only for pneumatic and hydraulic applications but any application where long life and low friction are important. 


  • Reduced Breakout (static) Friction
  • Increased Cylinder Life at Optimum Efficiency
  • Ideal for Severe Service Requirements
  • Low Pressure Control Requirements
  • Clean Room or Non-Lubricated Service


  • Increased Positional Accuracy
  • Reduced Energy Requirements


  • Reduced Chatter
  • Low Friction Performance with Fluid Resistance


  • Reduced Stiction
  • Optimum Dynamic Response


  • Increased Cycle Life at Reduced Shift Pressure


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduced Energy Requirements


  • Increased Life
  • Lower Torque Requirements
  • Optimum Performance with Uneven or No Lubrication

PolyMod® and UltraMod high performance elastomer seals are available in several geometries including O-Rings, Square Rings, Q-Rings, DeltaMods™, U-Cups, PolyTee™ Seals, and special or unique geometries. Their limitations are only limited by the design engineer’s vision.

PolyMod® and UltraMod high performance elastomer materials are only available from PolyMod® Technologies Inc.  We have a wide variety of high performance elastomer materials with many options for maximizing your system’s performance while minimizing energy usage.

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